Professional Commercial and Residential Painters in Canton Ohio

International Enterprises


Where You Live

With quality materials, and assistance with color choices if needed, we can brush new life in to your living space.
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Resinous Flooring

Where You Play

With the latest innovations in floor applications, we can make your basement, deck, garage or patio look amazing, yet offer practicality and durability like you never thought possible. Easy on the eyes, easy to clean, easy to maintain, epoxy flooring makes it easy to play.
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Staining & Sealing


Spray equipment is used for these coatings in order to obtain the highest quality standard.
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Residential Painting

Heritage Painting offers professional interior and exterior residential painting services

Residential painting, regardless of weather can be any time of year if its inside. Our team will come in wearing protective footwear dressed professionally, and will discuss the products they will be using and their course of action. We confirm your requests and make sure all of the appropriate finishes for a room’s walls and trim are understood.

1.Get Organized and Ready

Once everything is approved, we begin by prepping the room by removing necessary fixtures, and covering floors and various areas with drop cloths so they aren’t affected.

2. Wall Preparation

A good paint job is only as good as its prep work. We begin prepping the walls by scuffing and sanding the surfaces, fill holes and cracks, and seal any stains. If there are any dirty areas, we wash them and if there are any voids or gaps, they are filled or caulked.

3. Painting

Painting is the top coat that ties everything together. We prime any surfaces as need, and begin applying paint with the proper tools and professional techniques. We take our time and paint laser straight cut lines between walls and trim, than roll the rest of the walls with even strokes with a quality nap roller. When job is complete, we clean the area and put everything back where it was.

4. Work Inspection

A quality job is never complete until we do a complete walk-through of the project, checking to see if any final touch-ups are required