Professional Commercial and Residential Painters in Canton Ohio

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Where You Live

With quality materials, and assistance with color choices if needed, we can brush new life in to your living space.
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Resinous Flooring

Where You Play

With the latest innovations in floor applications, we can make your basement, deck, garage or patio look amazing, yet offer practicality and durability like you never thought possible. Easy on the eyes, easy to clean, easy to maintain, epoxy flooring makes it easy to play.
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Staining & Sealing


Spray equipment is used for these coatings in order to obtain the highest quality standard.
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Residential Painting



Heritage Painting excels at delivering top quality finishes even under the demanding circumstances of a new construction work site.  Our team has the maturity and communications skills to work side by side with other trades, stakeholders and your Client.  We have the knowledge and experience to properly prepare, prime and apply coatings to a wide variety of substrates from bare wood and drywall to non-ferrous metals and high gloss surfaces.  We thrive on an attitude of doing the job right and ensuring that coatings are applied to specification.


We work to partner with Custom Home Builders so they can rely on a dependable, quality minded, honest and safety compliant Painting Contractor whenever needed and for the long haul.  Our careful review of architectural drawings and self-monitoring of the construction process means less time down-time and smoother production for you on your next build.


Premium builders work with exacting Architects and Designers – Heritage Painting is up to this challenge on every occasion.  In addition to straight painting we offer a one stop shop for sprayed lacquer and enamel woodwork finishing, custom glazing and faux finishes.


When it comes to coatings Heritage Painting understands that quality materials are worth the extra money when the budget and client dictate it.  We are familiar with the full range of products from established manufacturers Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams and can tailor a product inventory to meet necessary budget and performance expectations.


Custom Built Homes can come very close to works-of-art by the time the Painting Contractor arrives for final finish coat.  Careful masking with plastic, protection of easily damaged surfaces, thorough dust removal and clean up; these steps are standard in our procedure.  We care and we know you cant afford to have your Client be disappointed by any surface deficiencies or worse.  We leave black slate black, the rich hue of oiled floors unmarked, vanities, countertops and tiles clean and unblemished.  Heritage Painting takes ownership of its work.


When the dust has finally settled you can count on Heritage Painting to return and take care of the inevitable minor deficiency list in a timely and proactive manner.  After all, everyone wants to finish strong and move on to the next job!

We gladly provide free estimates. Call Heritage Painting today at 330-495-7645