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Where You Live

With quality materials, and assistance with color choices if needed, we can brush new life in to your living space.
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Resinous Flooring

Where You Play

With the latest innovations in floor applications, we can make your basement, deck, garage or patio look amazing, yet offer practicality and durability like you never thought possible. Easy on the eyes, easy to clean, easy to maintain, epoxy flooring makes it easy to play.
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Staining & Sealing


Spray equipment is used for these coatings in order to obtain the highest quality standard.
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Epoxy Flooring Professionals

The Most Exciting Design Element Could Be Right Under Your Feet

We love to see the reactions of our customer’s when they see the exciting options in flooring today. Commercial, Industrial and Residential contractors benefit from our high performance epoxy flooring systems. Our applications have all these people take a second look at what’s going on underfoot. The possibilities are endless…and amazing!  Heritage has earned a reputation as the premier alternative epoxy flooring experts. Our knowledge and expertise about epoxy flooring has made us a first choice for alternative flooring. Definitely beautiful, and highly functional, our floors outperform many of the highly advertised flooring systems out there. They last longer, look better, and get very high marks for customer satisfaction.

 The Science of a Better Floor

For commercial and industrial flooring, Heritage Painting and Resinous Flooring has the expertise to use the system that meets your needs. These systems use pigmented resins and natural silica or clear resins and pigmented combinations such as dyed stone. In these systems, the slurry application is slightly thicker, compared to decorative flooring systems. General-use epoxy flooring systems can resist abrasion, impact, and most common chemicals, making it a smart choice for your warehouse floor, hospital floor, and more, especially when skid-resistant options are applied. Please contact us for the epoxy flooring most appropriate for your commercial and industry flooring needs. We understand the science. We know the application. We love the results. We think you will, too.


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