Professional Commercial and Residential Painters in Canton Ohio

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Where You Live

With quality materials, and assistance with color choices if needed, we can brush new life in to your living space.
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Resinous Flooring

Where You Play

With the latest innovations in floor applications, we can make your basement, deck, garage or patio look amazing, yet offer practicality and durability like you never thought possible. Easy on the eyes, easy to clean, easy to maintain, epoxy flooring makes it easy to play.
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Staining & Sealing


Spray equipment is used for these coatings in order to obtain the highest quality standard.
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All Epoxy Flooring, Interior/Exterior Painting are done professionally by Heritage Painting!

Though we started out as a Residential/Commercial Painting Contractor, we added Epoxy Flooring to our areas of expertise over twenty five years ago. Our skilled painters can transform your warehouse, factory facility, toy barn or even the company lunchroom, into a new, shiny environment.

At Heritage Painting, we take pride in our craft. If it can be painted with a brush, roller or a sprayer, from your baby’s nursery, to your large industrial facility, we use products that produce the longest lasting beautiful results. Our commitment to true quality and craftsmanship for our customers is something we don’t take litely. We go into each job knowing it will become an example of our work.

People toss the word “quality” around like it’s nothing. But, at Heritage Painting, we prove our skill with every stroke of the brush.

If you are looking for a professional team of commercial and residential painters who work in all of Northeast Ohio, call Heritage Painting today. Our epoxy flooring experts and painting professionals are second to none.


The Best Garage Floor You Can Buy

ASPART-X™ is the latest innovation from LINE-X® Protective Coatings. A ZERO VOC, aliphatic polyurea, ASPART-X provides superior U/V stability with excellent color and gloss retention. It is a versatile coatings solution with virtually limitless possibilities.

The most durable commercial flooring 

Epoxy Flooring Systems are created by applying a thermosetting resin directly onto a moisture-treated concrete slab. The epoxy coating prevents wear and tear due to abrasions, foot traffic and chemical spills.

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective solution for a variety of applications from commercial to industrial. Versatile and durable, epoxy is strong enough to serve as the flooring in manufacturing facilities and hangars, aesthetically appealing enough to find its way into retail spaces and sanitary enough for use in labs.

While epoxy flooring is designed for durability, it must be installed correctly to reap those benefits. The concrete needs to be diamond ground and cracks patched with urethane prior to application of the epoxy coating. If applied before prepping, the epoxy is likely to peel or chip prematurely. As for maintenance, daily sweeping and infrequent deep cleans should be sufficient to keep your epoxy flooring looking like new.

“Heritage Painting transformed our warehouse from a dingy, dirty space, to a beautiful modern looking showroom. We couldn’t be happier with the results! I would recommend Matt and the team over and over again.” – Mark Johnson